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    Replacing pirated version with paid


      This is perhaps a strange question, but here it goes.


      I have been helping a friend of mine with Photoshop CC which he bought a subscription for last friday. He already have a paid version of CS5, but got someone to help him with a pirated Photoshop CC three weeks ago.


      I have uninstalled this pirated version, checked Windows host file and removed som blocking in the Windows 7 firewall. I have also run Adobe's install cleanup program.



      Everything downloads and install fine from Adobe. Bridge CC and Lightroom is OK, but Photoshop CC does not work. It starts, shows the splash screen, everything seems to load as expected and the main windows is shown for a second or to before it disappears. I am able to open the help menu and noticed that "log on" is greyed out. On my own version of Photoshop CC this is "Log off" with my adobe ID behind.


      I suspect there is something from the pirated version left behind in a file or in registry somewhere, but I am not able to find it. I spent three hours on saturday on two on sunday to try finding out what it is, but nothing :-)


      And I have also tried the usual stuff like signing off creative cloud (Photoshop CC asks for credentials and log in goes without error, but still won't start completely, uninstall and install everything once again, check for corrupted fonts (his CS5 version is OK)


      Does someone here know what to delete in registry? I could of course delete everything below Adobe, but he wants to keep CS5 of course.

      Or is there a file somewhere left behind?



      Stig Vidar Hovland