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    POD says gutters are incorrect




      An author let me design a novel for her.  The POD specs are as follows:


      Paper Size: 8.5 x 11

      Top: 2.05

      Bottom: 2.05

      Left: 1.75

      Right: 1.75

      Gutter.2 for a book up to 100 pages, .3 for up to 200 pages, and .35 for 300+ pages. BE SURE TO MIRROR THE MARGINS!

      Header 1.55

      Footer 1.55


      She also writes:

      If you view the file and click the page down button repeatedly, the text on the pages should bounce left to right and back again to indicate the gutter (where the text is pushed away from the spine - right on off-numbered pages and left on even-numbered pages). This is not showing.


      The POD typesets the books for a fee but does it in Publisher or Word.  I set up all my margins in InDesign but mistakenly used the column gutter (fairly new to long format book design).  After reading on the Adobe forum as well as some other POD forums, I see now that the .35 should be in another spot.  I am a little confused as to where it is to go and want to my sure I'm doing this right so the publisher doesn't come back and charge the author for corrections.


      I did not use a text box in my master pages (headers and footers ony).  I switched my inside margin on all my pages so that it is 2.1 instead of 1.75.  So now my PDF is "bouncing."  Does this seem like I made the correct margin edits?  Am I on the right track?


      here is an excerpt from the book:



      Thank you so much.