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    Missing text

    Steve Love SD Level 1

      I'm using a MAC version of CS5.5.  Within the last 2 or 3 weeks, text is completely disappearing when I reopen files.  This is not an overset problem, formatting problem, hidden character problem or issue when writing to a PDF.  It seems to happen randomly and sporadically throughout various pages within the same document. 

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Steve – are you using footnotes extensively in that document?
          If yes, it could be a bug not fixed up to InDesign CS6 v8.0.2 or InDesign CC v9.1.0.


          To get the text again flowing your emty text frames, just change the dimensions of the text frames a bit: a nudge of 0.1 mm back and forth in both directions should do.


          This bug could hit any time. So have an eye on your document expecially before exporting to PDF.
          You say, that it's no overset problem. If I'm right with that bug, you should have some overset problem in the moment the bug hits (or you should have some extra pages, if the automatic page adding feature is set in the preferences).



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            Steve Love SD Level 1

            Thanks for the insight but these documents do not use/have footnotes.  What I’m seeing are entire text boxes cleared of text. The # hidden character is still in the box, but that’s it.  These documents have been saved and as I was rethinking this problem, I realized that many had been exported to EPS, jpegs or PDFs successfully.  But when I went back in the docs to do further editing the text was missing.  One document I was working on yesterday had been worked on for about a week, printed out a few times for proofing but I didn’t see the text missing until I had created a PDF and printed the PDF.  I have suspected that we may have a problem somewhere on our server but I don’t know how to chase that down.


            Steve Love

            La Mesa RV Center

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Steve – so you open your InDesign docs from a server?


              This might be no good idea, if the network connection goes down or there is too much traffic, that InDesign (the app) will lose connection…


              To prevent happening this in the future, copy the InDesign file to your client machine and work from that…


              Sorry, I cannot help you any further.
              Check with the IT department for the server connection, its stability and traffic amount.