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    Table of Contents - Styles not ordering as I want them to




      This has been driving me crazy! Hopefully someone can help. I have set up a table of contents with 3 styles as so:

      1. Chapter heading

           2. Page title (with page number)

                3. Sub or item headings (from each page where relevant)


      However the "item" headings Keep appearing on the line above the page heading. I want them to appear after/below so they clearly illustrate the fact that those are items on that particular page. As far as I can tell I have nothing  ticked or checked in the TOC paragraph styles that shouldn't be.


      Below is a screenshot of the TOC's where I've marked examples of how this is appearing. Only marked a few but oviously this continues through the list.


      If anyone could explain where I'm going wrong it would be most appreciated.... My deadline is looming!