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    Linking cells from Excel


      I'm having trouble getting this to work, hoping someone can help.  I'm trying to create a document that basically has my print portfolio.  I have created a Excel sheet with the following info in each row - column A is image name, column B is the print size, column C shows quanity, and column D is the year.


      I've created the document and have it set up.  I have an image box and 3 text boxes for each image.  One text box links to cell A1, one to B1:C1, and one to D1 and so forth (image, A2, B2:C2, D2 etc).  I use the Place command for the linking.  All works well on the original import.


      The problem happens when I make any changes to the Excel sheet and reopen the ID document.  It asks if I want to fix the links and I choose "Fix Links Automatically".  It then changes each and every text box to contain the entire sheet and screws it all up.


      Is this possible to do?  Thanks in advance.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It might help to create and use named ranges in Excel.

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            DenThomp54 Level 1

            I gave that a try but it made no difference.

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              DenThomp54 Level 1

              I also tried creating a worksheet for each image and linking one text box to the cells.  It works fine upon input, but screws up if you make a change in Excel.  It seems that when you choose "fix links automatically" that it defaults to the first worksheet and cells.  It loses the original targets. 


              Is this a bug?

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                Stefan Wulff Level 1

                When using linked text and excel documents you loose all formating when updating.

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                  Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

                  It's not simple. Anne-Marie Concepçion has a blog post and video that explains how to do it using table styles.


                  http://blog.lynda.com/2012/05/10/indesign-secrets-linking-a-table-to-an-excel-spreadsheet- for-easy-updating/

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I rarely have to do this but back in the day when I did, I always found it

                    easier to do all the formatting in Excel and then link the spreadsheet using

                    file > place and choosing the formatted table option.

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                      DenThomp54 Level 1

                      It's not the formatting I'm having problems with (yet).  It's the content.  I create several text boxes, choose one, File/Place and select a specific cell of the worksheet.  I then choose another of the created text boxes, File/Place and select a different cell.  Repeat until all imports are complete.  Everything has worked fine up to this point.  Each box only contains the specified cell.  I close the ID document.  I open the Excel sheet and edit only one specific cell, close the sheet, and open the ID document.  It asks if I want to fix the links, I choose "Fix Automatically".  It then updates each and every text box with the entire worksheet, it no longer contains just the specified cell any more.  It behaves this way no matter how I update the links.


                      Sandee - thanks for the link, while it doesn't cover my problem it was helpful.




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                        DenThomp54 Level 1

                        I finally got it to work!  I don't understand the difference, but at least it seems to work. 


                        Originally I set up a blank page that contained 4 graphic boxes and 12 text boxes.  I would then select a text box, use File/Place, and select the spreadsheet cell I wanted it to show.  Using this method and updating any cell would cause each and every text box to change to the entire worksheet, not just the previously specified cell.


                        I deleted all the text boxes so the document only contained the 4 graphic boxes.  I chose File/Place, select the cell, and draw out the box.  I did this for all the cells I wanted.  Now when I edit the spreadsheet only the cells change that I edited and it doesn't have the entire worksheet.  The funny thing is that it shows all the links need updating, but it only changes the ones changed in the spreadsheet.  I can live with that.


                        I don' know why it wouldn't work by placing the text box first, but it doesn't.  Anyway, I got it to work.