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    Webhelp cannot run if it is in a zip file

    Juliette Curtis Level 1

      This is an elementary mistake but I have been caught by it a few times. I am posting this tip because it might help other RoboUsers.


      Webhelp files cannot run if they are inside a zip file. They must be extracted from the zip.


      If a user attempts to run a webhelp system that is inside a zip, they might see a blank screen, an error message, or a partial help system that does not work properly. Extracting the files from the zip should fix the problem.


      If you distribute a webhelp system in a zip file, for example if you are asking people to review a draft help system, I recommend that you explcitly tell the people to extract the files. If you do not, some may try to start the webhelp without extracting the files and of course it won't work.


      BTW I am using RoboHelp 10.