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    Why don't I see an imbedded SWF playing on the Mac (I can hear it), but plays fine in Windows?

    cjebes Level 1

      I've been tasked with updating an older project by adding more selections to a menu, which work nicely. I'm developing this in Director 12 on a Mac running 10.7.5. I've created both a Mac and a Windows version of the projectors.


      As a background, I was given the SWFs but have had nothing to do with the creation of them. Same is true with the Director file, but that's what I'm updating now and that is where my woes started.


      The Windows projector works fine. On this simple timeline, the user clicks a button, jumping to a frame and calling upon an SWF to play. The frame has a SWF Then the user has to press a Main Menu button (in the Director environment, not the SWF) to return to the main menu.


      In the Windows environment, everything works perfectly. The SWFs play -- you can see and hear each one when selected.


      In the Mac environment, I can only HEAR the video. I only get what seems to be the stage color of the SWF and nothing else is seen. All other functionality in the Mac environment works. I just don't SEE the SWF play.


      Now, here's the kicker... on the Mac I can see and hear the SWFs if I play them in SAFlash Player or in Flash itself.


      Any thoughts?