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    Bullet and number styles different when viewed

      I'm using RoboHelp 6 to produce a WebHelp project.

      It seems like the bullet and number styles behave differently than the other styles. There is an automatic indent, even though Left is set to 0, and a tab. I have been able to get the View Selected Item to look the way I want (with a hanging indent that aligns under the tabbed text) even though it looks very different in the WYSIWYG Editor.

      With the Number style, the font size seems much larger in the View Selected Item than it does in the WYSIWYG Editor. Is there a way to know what the font size will be/look like to the Help user? The number size also seems to be different if I use the Create a Number List button or use the Number style. What is the difference between using the style and using the button? Can I control the number and bullet font and size?

      I'm still learning.

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Creating list styles through the RH Style Editor is not your best bet. You're better off editing the default OL and UL tags within the external style sheet, then using the "Create a ... List" toolbar buttons. If you want multiple lists, you can use classes (OL.MyList in the .css file, then UL class=MyList... in the topic file) or you can use descendant selectors (an OL UL style would apply whenever a Bullet list is a direct child of a Numbered list),

          For more information on .css, just click here.

          Good luck,
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            bbleft Level 1

            What you're talking about would be a separate HTML file containing the style elements, which would be imported into the Help project? Having read what the ol and ul list elements are, it would seem better to start within the existing style sheet framework and edit that.

            However, reading things like, "Warning: Do not edit or delete this section!" does not sound like a place I like being. Are those warnings just for the kadov text?

            To create an external style sheet, would I take the existing RoboHelp style names and use them as the paragraph style tags to include in the external style sheet?

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              MergeThis Level 4
              Use the existing style sheet that you've assigned to your topics, whether default.css or some other .css file of your choosing.

              Good luck,
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                bbleft Level 1

                I did go in on the code and noticed that styles for the smaller numbers had been modified to be 8 pt., even though the style format was set for 10 pt.

                Looks like I'll be learning about the HTML classes and working in the OL and UL tags.

                When reformatting a topic, is it faster to set all styles to None or to Normal, and then apply the styles? It seems like the previous Help author used inline formatting.

                Thanks again,
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                  MergeThis Level 4

                  RH doesn't always remove every piece of code when you, for instance, select bolded characters and click the Bold toolbar button; it often adds another SPAN tag for normal inside or outside the bold tag!

                  The surest way I know to completely purge content is to filter it through a plain text editor like Notepad:

                  1. In the RH topic, select the content (some paragraphs or the entire topic).
                  2. Cut it (Ctrl+X).
                  3. Paste it into Notepad (Ctrl+V).
                  4. In Notepad, select and cut the content.
                  5. In the RH topic, paste the purged content where the old content used to be.

                  Each paragraph will only get P tags assigned to it, allowing you then to style your way through them. Of course, this slash-and-burn method eliminates all hyperlinks, pop-ups, etc., so plan accordingly.

                  Good luck,
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                    Tom_J. Level 1
                    Make sure you don't have a background style erroneously applied to the page.

                    Also, just for fun, look at your numbered style in both IE and Firefox. Displays may look different.