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    Can only hear 1 audio track?

    Dazza - wildvision

      I,m new to Elements 10 and have just started editing. I just dragged a clip onto my timeline but can only hear one audio channel. I know there are two tracks, how can I mix both through?


      thanks.  Darrell

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          Can you see both the right and left channel in the waveform on your timeline?


          If so, you don't want to mix both together. They're already there. You should be able to see both channels registering in the Audio Mixer when you play the clip.


          I don't know why you're not hearing both channels -- but it's more likely an issue with your computer hardware or configuration.

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            Dazza - wildvision Newcomer

            Hi Steve,  thanks for your help. but this has really got me beat. When I play the track straight off my computer I hear all audio tracks. But then I “get media”  bring the clip in and listen off the elements timeline – I only hear track one???


            So my computer must be fine?


            When you say “Can I see both right and left channel in the wave form? Its hard to tell – am I meant to be looking at the “green strip “ on the timeline?  Its so very small.  - I see a yellow line and a grey line underneath?  what am I looking at.  Its very frustrating because I am trying to edit a friends concert  and the music is on track one – but the atmos and applause is on the other 3 tracks – but all I can hear is the music


            any suggestions?


            cheers mate


            Darrell Brown



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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              If you are only getting one channel of audio, you will only see the gray squiggly "waveform" line on the top half or the bottom half of your clip on the timeline.


              You can post a screen capture of your timeline to this forum and we'll let you know of it's there. But, from everything you've said, I'd assume it is and just keep working. Or try a test output just to ensure that it's on your final output video.