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    Activation of UserID first on tablet, then on PC?




      I unfortunately made some mistakes while registering for an adobe id :-(


      I have an account in a online-library. The books there are drm-protected.


      I downloaded Aldiko on my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet, registered with the tablet an adobe id and downloaded the drm-protected ebook-files.


      Now I wanted to read the eBooks on my windows vista notebook also (screen is bigger and kids and husband use the tablet everytime when I want to read).


      First I continued without adobe id von computer, but recognized that I need the same id for the pc than for the tablet.

      I tried to register with the id from the tablet to pc but the program on pc says (in german)

      you can't  authorize this computer with an id that was used before to authorize other computers or mobile devices. Try again.


      (till now only the tablet has the id, nothing else, so I didn't use all licenses)


      Is there any chance to get the id to my pc now?


      It's just one week left to read the books from library and month of waiting time to get them again with other adobe id :-(


      Thanks for your help!