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    Where are the Tutorials??


      Where are the tutorials located in the Developer Center? I see plenty of articles but no actual tutorials for using Captivate. I am scheduled to attend a web training later this month but wanted to get a jump start on the training. The Adobe site does not seem to be rich in knowledge, frankly. I'm a little disappointed after encouraging our company to purchase this product now to have difficulty finding training material to train the trainer, me! Please help if you are able to direct me.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi CaptivateKris and welcome to our community

          I don't believe any actual "Tutorials" exist as such on the Developer center. These are articles that address specific issues.

          In Captivate itself are some tutorials. You see them on the Start page in the third column on the right. Or by clicking Help > Getting Started Tutorials.

          I'm not sure which on-line training you will be attending, but most training operations are using Kevin Siegel's "Skills and Drills" book as a foundation or guideline. Odds are good that this book will be used. So if you want a jump start, visit IconLogic ( http://www.iconlogic.com and order the Captivate book. The book is intended to allow you to learn Captivate totally on your own with no instructor present.

          Normally, the class will include all sorts of additional information that simply isn't found in the book. Also, the class will probably provide a book for you. Keep that in mind if you choose to purchase.

          Hopefully something here was useful... Rick