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    creating a white background with a light colour product

    dandeyong Level 1

      I am trying to knock out the background of a cream colour product.


      I have tried hair removal without much success and various masks, burns and doges without much success.


      I never have a problem with darker colour products, its only ever white products and creams that I can't seem to get right and wanting the shadow effect of the photo to remain.


      I hope someone here can point me in the right direction and I am slowly going grey with the stress of it


      please help




      snuggle new cream 140x180cm 2.jpg

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use the dodge highlights to get rid of the background, leaving the drop shadow.


          If dropping this in InDesign or Illustrator. Make 2 images

          1. top image - knock out drop shaow with a  layer mask - does not have to be super perfect but nice,
          2. bottom image - has the shadow -  set to mulitply


          Or do this in Photoshop using the same principle but layers. This is quick, but you could go in with a small hard brush around the fibers to clean up the mask, then use the blur tool to smooth/soften mask where needed.


          Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.48.43 AM.png