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    HELP ME:  Assets > All my Styles are Gone.

      Please help me.

      I have used Fireworks 8 and since using this tool (and two PC formats after), all my Styles (which is in my Assets Panel) are gone. The default Styles gone. My Styles gone.

      It's frustrating because I saved all the color gradients as Styles and now they're gone.

      How did it happened? I was using my Fireworks as usual and when I created a rectangle and choose a Style to apply, I dont have any. Right now my Styles tab contained just a plain white space.

      Please somebody help me get back my Styles.
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          pixlor Level 4
          Hmm. Maybe someone who knows better how to help you will come along, but in the meantime....

          On a computer with Fireworks MX, I found where Fireworks was installed, and found a folder under that:
          First Run\Styles
          There's a file there (Style Defaults.stl) that I gather has the styles that come with Fireworks. But...that isn't where Fireworks keeps the working ones.

          I started Fireworks, edited a style and saved it as a new one, so that the style file would be updated...then I searched my system for it. (This was a Win2K system, so yours may be different.) I found the working style file under
          C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Macromedia\Fireworks\Styles
          I now had Styles.stl (dated today) and Style Defaults.stl (dated from 2001).
          The Application Data folder is a "hidden system folder" in Windows, so you may have to search or change the settings to see it if you're on Windows.

          Try to find these folders and files on your system.

          If your Styles.stl file is gone, then I don't think there's anything that can be done to recover your custom work. If you can find Style Defaults.stl, however, you should be able to copy it to Styles.stl and have the original styles.

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            Coyenne Level 1
            Hey, thanks for that pixlor. I really appreciate that.

            I'm on XP and I checked that folder. The folder is empty (since I didnt create anymore style after that incident).

            How can the Defaults Style auto-vanish into thin air?
            Can the Macromedia/Adobe people give me answer to that?
            Did anyone else experience this problem?
            And most importantly, HOW TO RESTORE?

            Any help much appreciated.

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              pixlor Level 4
              Hmm...maybe call Adobe customer service on that one.

              As for restoring, did you search your system for ANY file with a .stl extension? I had two copies of the Styles Default.stl, so if you still have the one in the programs folder, you should be able to copy it to the application data folder.