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    Option to have a header row when converting text to a table?

    Izac R...

      using CS6




      Unless im having a brain lapse and completely overlooking something, i do believe that there is no way to do this other than possibly in scripting. i looked around and found no similar post anywhere either.




      I have all my table/cell styles linked into each other appropriately i can prove this because if i go to make a band new table everything works the way i want it to.




      My guess is the culprit of the problem is that there is no option to specify headers (Amount/Location) in the dialog box for text to table conversion. A simple checkbox with and option to "make the first row a header" would even suffice. I don't know how hard it would be to edit this dialog box itself and add that option. (my guess is that its pretty difficult/intrusive to the program).




      I know i can pretty easily highlight the row and then just apply the style i made for the table header but the documents i make tend to have many many tables. This would be/is horrid to change if someone or myself decides to make style amendments to multiple documents.




      So my next thought was maybe a script could help me out.




      something like:




      1. look for all tables with a specified table style.




      2. change the first row for all the tables that follow rule 1 into a header row. (Header Cell style for that table must update to reflect whatever is being called for in the table style.)


                          [Because the table style settings have an option to specify the cell style of a header row inside the table so im thinking there should be away to do this.]




      ***one problem i ran into trying to do this manually is that when i take a table and try to add a header to it it makes a completely new row on the top of the table. Then if you were to copy all the text from the row i was using as a header and then pasting it into the newly added header row it doesn't work because it keeps what ever style was copied. leaving your only option to retype all the headers and delete out all the old ones (YUCK!).




      I'm open to suggestions however i admit i hardly know anything about scripting.


      I understand that this may be a kind of extensive request but any help is not expected and greatly appreciated!


      thanks for your time and i apologize for the rather large post.