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    PPRO to AE Dynamic link losing added effects?

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      I am new here and to iCC / video editing in general.

      A few days ago when  I would replace a PPRO finished sequence with an AE composition, my PPRO project would show up in AE, together with all the effects which I applied in PPRO.

      Now when I click on "Replace with AE Composition", my PPRO clip shows up in AE, but only the original .mov file which was the basis of the PPRO sequence, but without all the color edits that I applied to it in PPRO. Also the window in AE showing all the applied PPRO effects is not showing up any more.

      A few days ago when making the dynamic link between PPRO and AE, I would see a window in AE showing all the applied effects in PPRO.

      Also the PPRO sequence now looks gray in stead of pink in the sequence pane, but does look pink in the effects control pane. But all the effects are gone. When I press CTRL + Z (after having made the dynamic link), then all my effects do show up again in the PPRO effects tab. I tried resetting the AE workspace, but no result. When I export the same sequence as a DNx file from PPRO, and then import this to AE, it does show up with all my color edits.



      1. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?

      2. Is the workaround of exporting the finished PPRO project to DNx, and then importing this to AE for finishing sharpening and denoising also an acceptable workflow in terms of keeping the video quality? (I used DNx 100 for Canon EOS 5D MIII H264_mov footage.


      My workflow is:

      1- Importing a .mov h264 clip into PPRO

      2- Turn it into a sequence and apply effects

      3- Then from inside PPRO replace with an AE composition for sharpening and denoising using the AE "Remove Grain" effect

      4- Then render the final sharpened and denoised clip from PPRO to Adobe Media Encoder

      Only now step 3 is not working anymore...?


      Thanks in advance,



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