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    InDesign CS6 crashes on launch when logged into a network user account (OSX)

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      I'm working in a college computer lab that has 18 iMacs - each student has a network user account they use to log into to work off of our server. All of their files are stored on the server, not locally on the computer. The Imacs are running OSX 10.8.5 with InDesign CS6. Our server is an older unit running OSX server 10.5.8.


      Each student has a user directory on the servers HD array. The only way I have resolved this issue before is to remove the students user account in the Workgroup Manager Program on the server, delete their user folder (on the server), and re-create their account, however that should only be a last resort.


      Here's what I have tried so far (but to no avail) to resolve the crashing on the network user accounts.


      1. Delete the students Adobe InDesign folder in their user directory: User/"USERNAME"/Library/Preferences/AdobeIndesign.

      2. Delete their Indesign User Prefs when launching InDesign on their network account cmd+shift+cntrl+option

      3. Replace their Adobe InDesign folder (in User/"USERNAME"/Library/Preferences/) from a newly created network user test account that works.


      The issue is definitely tied to the network user account, as if I log into a local user account  InDesign starts up without a hitch.


      Here is my crash report:





      Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. =)