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    captivate swf in flash

      I'm trying to put an swf - exported from captivate - in a flashmovie via loadMovie. That works, but I can't control the swf. It does not stop, when I cklick on the stop button.
      If I load an FLash-swf, the button works. Is there something special about captivate swfs?
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          dr_ross Level 1
          depends on how they code their stop button, they might be using a hardcoded link to _root.stopBtn, but as its been loaded into another movie, its path is no longer that.

          I'd do your own controls to be honest, and then control your captivate or camtasia movie with them.
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            Aenk Level 1
            stop_btn.onRelease = function () {
            (stop_btn and movie are movieclips on _root.)

            That's my stop buttton. And if I load an extern swf - exportet from flash - it works. But if I load an captivate - swf, nothing happens....
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              dr_ross Level 1
              the captivate swf might have the movie nested inside another movieclip which you would need to target.

              To find out all the movieclips add this to your onRelease handler

              for(var obj in movie)
              trace("Found "+obj+":"+movie[obj]);

              and you should really prefix movie with _parent as well, i.e. _parent.movie.stop() as the movie is not inside the scope of the stop_btn.