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    Designate Repeating Headers


      Hello there!


      I am looking to automate a task - and I'm sure the solution must be out there, but I'm fairly new to InDesign and am having trouble finding it. I am working on formatting our company resumes (which are all contained within one document), each resume has the same headers throught but with a varying number of bullets afterward like so:



      - Project Manager



      - BS, Engineering - Sacramento State University

      - MS, Engineering - Sacramento State University


      Professional Skills:

      - Roadways

      - Roundabouts

      - Hydrology


      Is there a way (GREP, text variables, script, etc.) to set up a command in which will tell InDesign to use the bullet style until it reaches one of the repeating headers and then start the cycle over? I would just the the script here (http://www.freelancebookdesign.com/scripts/quick-apply-with-next-style) but every resume has a different number of education or skills bullets.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Apply with next style is the correct way to do this.


          But the number of paragraphs needs to be consistent.


          And with the Professional Skills bullets they need to be named


          PS Bullet 1

          PS Bullet 2

          PS Bullet 3



          But there's no way for InDesign to know if a Bullet style is finished and not apply the last bullet style.



          So basically - I don't know of a way to do this.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I don't think you'll be able to automate this other than by script, and maybe not then unless there's alread some formatting difference you can key on.


            You could format blocks at one time, though, if the bullet style is next style for both the heading and itself, by selecting a heading and the following paragraphs up t the next heading, then right-click the heading style and choose Apply Style and Next Style.


            Another thought that occurs to me is that if each block is a separate text frame you can apply the styles using an object style.

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              ja3754 Level 2

              If the final document need only have two paragraph styles, Head and List, and each heading ends with a colon followed by end of paragraph, then you could apply List to the entire document, then find/replace for the colon/line break to apply the Head paragraph style.


              (If there are other paragraphs within each resume requiring a different paragraph style then this won't work, unless you can find a way of targeting those paragraphs as well.)


              style change.jpg


              Edit: "forced line break" changed to "end of paragraph"