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    Photoshop CS6 extremely slow response times on Mavericks?


      It sounds like a lot of people are having issues with Mavericks. I was happy as a clam with CS4, but a hard drive replacement - with the latest OS - forced me into CS6 (I have a subscription) a few months ago. Since then, it's been like simming in quicksand...


      I've spoken with several reps, and they figured out that some of the issues were due to a bad user account. That's all fixed now, but it's still taking several minutes to become 'responsive' if I step away from the program for any length of time. Even if I just go to check email. It can take two minutes (or more) for the keys to become active.


      It feels like I've disabled nearly everything off Photoshop, and it doesn't seem to matter if it's a complex multi-layered file or a screenshot PNG. It's all just painfully slow.


      Can anyone suggest some tricks to get back my old' speed?