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    Draw a train trace over a flying shot


      Hi guys,


      here is my shot.




      Basicly what i want to do is to draw a line that represents a train trace over the ground. Any clue about how to do it? I started using the camera tracker and creating a null and a camera and then got lost.


      So thanks to anyone´s help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, that's a very long shot. I'd work with just the part you want.


          Second, you should stabilize the footage first then render a DI (digital intermediate) to a lossless or nearly lossless codec.


          Then you try a 3D camera track. At a mid point in the shot set a ground plane and then add a plane and a camera.


          Now just draw a mask line on the ground plane and apply stroke. That's about it. There are lots of tutorials but I'd look first at Adobe TV for the basics.