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    How can you 'globally' change all Auto-sizing pop-ups in a project to Custom-sized popups?


      Since upgrading to RoboHelp 10, we are having problems with popups Auto-sizing when the .chm is called from our program.  Auto-sizing pop-ups are displaying in a small window that always requires the user to do vertical and horizontal scrolling.


      A workaround could be to change all of the Auto-sizing pop-ups in a project to Custom-sized pop-ups specifying what the Width and Height should be.


      Problem is that there are a bezillion of these that require changing.


      Is there a way this can be accomplished 'globally'?  Only Auto-sizing pop-ups should be changed to the Custom-sized pop-ups.  'Display in frame hyperlinks' would remain 'Display in frame'.


      Looking forward to advice from those with more experience.