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    fatal error in APE 12 upon startup


      I just downloaded APE 12 and i get the following message when i attempt to start a new project   "Premiere Elements has encountered an error" Src\Core\Preferences.cpp-338

      how do i fix this?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Let us go with the following to target the preferences...


          For now I am assuming that your Premiere Elements 12 is on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer

          Local Disc C






          Premiere Elements


          and in the 12.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete. If that does not work, then delete the whole 12.0 Folder in which the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file exists. Make sure to be working with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can see the complete path.


          We will be watching for your results.


          Plus the usual drill...

          a. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 12

          b. Are you working from Run As Administrator or User Account with Administrative Privileges?





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            myokley Level 1

            yes, windows 7, premiere elements 12 64 bit computer.

            yes to latest quicktime ver 7.7.4 (1680.86)

            yes, deleted contents of preferences in C:\user\administrator\appdata\roaming\adobe\premiere elements\12.0 and same result

            then deleted the folder 12.0 and same results

            and yes I ran the program under the "Run As Administrator"

            Same results again

            last entry in plugin entry log is:


                 Loading C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\Plug-ins\Common\ImporterQuickTime.prm

                 The registry tells us not to cache so the plugin will be loaded from disk.

                 Loading from disk...

                 This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979.

            Same premiere elements debug event occurs each time "Premiere Elements has encountered an error.