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    can I edit a doc in pdf that was created in lifecycle

    epvegas Level 1

      I am responsible for making documents 508 compliant.  I received a document from a user that was created in lifecycle.  The doc was saved as a static pdf.  I was able to run the full check accessibility checker in adobe.  It gives me an accessibility error saying no language has been set of this doc.  When I tried to correct this in properties I am not allowed. I also cannot reorder the reading order.  I have done a littel research and it looks like you CANNOT edit a document in adobe pro, it can only be edited in lifecycle.  I need someone to confirm this is true.

      Also if anyone knows if lifecycle has an accessibility checker similar to the one in adobe please let me know, I have looked everywhere in lifecycle and don't see anything like what I use on the pdf side.


      Any help would be appreciated.