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    Search in ADG

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      I have a Flex App where on several tabs (TabNavigator) I have MX AdvanceDataGrid's (wrapped in Spark Scroller's),

      which are dynamically populated (so I don't know in advance >1/2 of Columns).

      Since the number of columns can be 200+, I am trying to implement a Search within Column Headers and data,

      one by one kind, so that when match is found, it highlights that cell

      or at least highlights that row and displays that column, brings it in user view.

      So far it shows that row (as selectedIndex), but I never was able to scroll to that column, so user can see it.

      I tried to use ADG's horizontalScrollPosition, verticalScrollPosition, validateNow with scrollToIndex(horizontalIndex),...

      When I try to set selectionMode="singleCell", that sometimes seem to freeze the app.


      Any advice or code snippet how to scroll to that matching Column?

      How to highlight the header and/or cell ?


      Can the problem be in that Scroller?

      (I need it since user should be able to manually scroll to see ALL columns)


      Using Flex 4.5.1



      Any help is very appreciated.


      Thank you in advance,