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    Output to QC Monitor from CS6 Production Premium.

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      We are upgrading our Creative Services Editor to a faster system as the previous one is 3 years old.  We are basically building the Warrior system, Core-i7 6 core with GTX 780 etc. but the question I have for the pro's out there is output to a monitor.


      Right now we have a Decklink SDI that feeds out to our DVCAM deck.  We are now producing HD content for our TV station and can work completely file based.  The need for hardware capture is not as necessary as it was with our SD workflow.


      The two options I see is to buy a converter to take the HD-SDI from our Decklink and convert to HDMI for playback on a large LCD TV in the edit suite for showing the client the final sequence.  The other option is to buy a higher end Decklink card that has the HDMI output or the USB3 shuttle that has HDMI output.


      The other thing I was wondering is these GPU cards have support for 4 monitors.  His Quadro FX4800 can do three but I have never hooked up a third.  My question, would connecting one of the 4  outputs from the GTX 780 to a HDMI TV and then enabling it in Windows and then telling Premier to output to this screen slow the editing process?


      I know with CS6 you can select a Windows monitor to be a Program output.  So if I set that output to 1920x1080 and tell premiere to play to it, will that effect the editing or do people do this every day now?  I don't want the resorces of the GPU to be used displaying the third screen.....


      I was thinking it would save me cost as I don't have to add anything to use that card, it has an HDMI output built in. The only extra feature of a newer Decklink would be Balanced audio out to system speakers. Or I could add a sound card with Balanced outputs too.