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    Form Contents




      I have a student Questionaire that is 8 pages with up to 25 questions.

      Is each page of my Questionaire counted as a seperate form in Form Central?

      Despite the fact that the whole questions are for one Questioinaire?


      Which pricing should I purchase for that?


      Thank you

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          You can have one form in the "Free" level account and the number of pages does not matter, a 5 page form will count as one form.  The "Basic" level account allows for 5 forms and gives you the additional features such as Email Receipts and Notifications, Save as PDF, Paypal and the ability to collect up to 500 responses.





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            Von.Mokor Level 1

            Hello Josh,


            Thanks for the reply.


            From the link you added, I see that the "Basic" level account goes for 14.75 while the "Plus" goes for €11.06 monthly and they both offer the same services. What is the difference then?


            When you said "Save as PDF" do you mean I can save my Form as a normal PDF to my Desktop (offline) irrespective of Form Central?


            Lastly, is possible to get professional help with designing my form and at what cost?





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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              The Plus subscription is a annual commitment and therefore you get a discouted price. All the differences are listed in the link Josh mentioned above.


              The "Save a PDF" does save the form on your desktop. The form can be filled out offline (using either the free Adobe Reader Desktop or Mobile, or Adobe Acrobat) but the filler needs to be connected to actually submit the data to FormsCentral.


              We do not offer professional help to design forms but we do have a lot of form templates that you can customize to fit your need to help you get started.



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