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    Distinguishing WebHelp from HTMLHelp

    resume-writer Level 1

      I'm new to RoboHelp. I inherited a project. How can I identify whether my project is a WebHelp or an HTMLHelp project? Don't both formats provide .html files? The help doesn't launch properly on Firefox, so I'm thinking that perhaps I have HTMLHelp and not WebHelp. Thank you!
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          Not experienced using WebHelp but HTMLHelp generates output as CHM files. To find them, open a project folder and then open !SSL! -> Microsoft_HTML_Help. Hope that helps answer your question.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            If it doesn't launch properly on Firefox, I think we can assume it is webhelp you are using. A CHM would not work at all.

            Webhelp is uncompiled so there will be many files and folders in the output. A CHM is a single file.

            Look in Project Manager at what is marked as the default layout.

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              A "project" would be neither. A few versions back RoboHelp made a big deal about Single Source Layouts (the SSL folder tripwire mentions), so you can theoretically create both webhelp and compiled help from the same project (because as you noted they are both html. I don't know anyone who actually does both simultaneously but then I don't know very many help authors :).

              WebHelp is designed to be run from a browser over a network, while compiled help is designed to be installed (in a Windows only environment, with Internet Explorer installed) with an application on a local machine. You can set this output (as Peter mentions) in your project.

              In short, if you inherited this project, you inherited both formats. Now find out what your application developers want it to be. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

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                Catfish Tales Level 1
                There are two variations of RoboHelp 6: (1) RoboHelp HTML and (2) RoboHelp for Word.

                RoboHelp HTML uses Single Source Layouts (or SSLs) to configure and generate output.

                The SSL for WebHelp produces HTML while the SSL for Microsoft HTML Help produces CHM.

                To configure output, right-dlick an SSL and click Properties. To generate output, right-click an SSL and click Generate.