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      Hi, does anyone know what's the best way to get indesign cs5.5 please? I have cs3 already.

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          P Spier CommunityMVP

          You can no longer buy a license for CS5.5 through normal reseller channels, and there are no longer any upgrade paths from CS3 other than full price for a perpetual license to CS6, or a subscription to CC (which also includes CS6) at a discounted cost for your first year. The susbscription gets you ID, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver... (there's a bunch of vidoe apps and utilities and other stuff, too), all for about $30/month for the first year from CS3.

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            tteearu Community Member

            Thanks Peter, I was starting to suspect as much. How much is the perpetual licence for CS6? I don't need all the subscription stuff.

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              P Spier CommunityMVP

              I'm not sure -- several hundred dollars though, and I don't have the link at my fingertips. It will depend on if you buy just ID or a suite package (I think around $600 for just ID).

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                BobLevine CommunityMVP

                It's $700. A one app subscription to Creative Cloud is $19.99/month.

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                  tteearu Community Member

                  Thank you. I can't afford that, will have to stick with cs3.

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                    tteearu Community Member

                    Thanks Peter. Wish I could afford it!