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    Flash Player & Windows 8


      I have windows 8 however I have multiple websites telling me that I have to update flash player.  When attempting to do this on the adobe site I am told that windows 8 has this program embedded in the softwarde.  Despite following troubleshooting suggestions I continue to experience these problems.  How can I update this software or are there any other options that I could try.


      Thanks for you help

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          Mike M Level 6

          I can't even bring myself to "sugar coat" this anymore.


          STOP using Internet Exploder. Period.


          It's the worst browser there is. Just because Microsoft includes it with Windows, doesn't mean it's the only thing you can use to surf the web. Unless you're using a company computer and restricted from using anything else, it's senseless to torture yourself with IE.


          Chrome (free from Google) isn't much better. While it works where IE doesn't, it's a major resource hog. It's the most used browser out there, but that's because of all the Android phones that have it. Besides, a lot of people do;t like it because sftware  companies "bundle" it with their downloads and updates - Adobe included.
          Safari (free from Apple) is a good, safe, fast browser with plenty of features and customizable with extensions.
          Opera (also free) is more of a "bare bones" interface, but it's customizable too, and faster, safer & more reliable than IE.

          Firefox (free... and the browser I use) is fast, safe, customizable, and has tons of extensions for things like blocking annoying ads.


          For any of these (except Chrome - which has it's own plugin, like IE in Windows 8) you'll need the Flash Player Plug-in (For all other browsers) but you'll be able to get to Flash pages that can't or don't recognize IE11, anf you won't be annoyed by constant "Are you sure you want to run this...?" warnings from IE's ActiveX controls.

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            SharynJ Level 1

            Thank you Mike for the most condescending email an individual could receive from customer support.  It might be an idea for you to work at developing your customer service skills. I will likely make these attempts for my need of the program however, given the way it does make a person not feel like bothering.


            I'll let you know if it works






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              Mike M Level 6

              "Condescending" is the attitude that Microsoft has taken about their fatally flawed browser. Here's the standard recommended Microsoft fix for this. So far it works in about 3 in 10 cases.


              Enable Compatibility View: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-11


              The alternative, as I already posted, is to use a browser that IS recognized by websites.

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                SharynJ Level 1

                As much as you may not agree that their method of correction doesn't work I would definitely not label Microsoft’s form of communication as condescending.  Yours on the other hand…..  Please do take this feedback’ and reflect on what has occurred.  You will be a better employee and better service provider if you do.







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                  Mike M Level 6

                  I'm NOT an employee... I work for ME... I'm a freelance web designer. My customers appreciate that I don't steer them wrong just because some big company says their product or service works, when it doesn't.

                  I volunteer my knowledge and experience here, because I use Adobe products to make my living. That affords me the freedom to to express myself about products that I have seen clearly don't work anything like they should, from a company like Microsoft, who believe they have a monopoly on computing, which they don't, and haven't since 2009. Apple (I notice you have an iPhone and NOT a Windows phone) has kicked their rear ends in the computer world and Android has wiped them out in phones and tablets. One would think that with that happening, they'd make a more concerted effort to improve their products from a functionality standpoint, and not just make them "look pretty" while they malfunction, like Windows 8. The fact that they just expect people will love everything they do because "what else are they going to use?"... is as condescending as it gets.