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    flash player


      I just bought a Samsung note 10. When is adobe going to make a flash player that works on this product? Or should I have just bought a different tablet?

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          Mike M Level 6

          Android no longer supports Flash Player (they dropped ALL support in June of 2012). Adobe continued to release "security" updates for older versions until September 10 2013, but that has ended as well. Android cited the same reason for dropping it that Apple gave in 2006 when they released the first iPhone and iOS. "Playing Flash content is processor consumptive and kills batteries as well as shortening battery life in mobile devices." Android began restricting acces to Flash Player in the GooglePlay store in August of 2012 and AFAIK, it's no longer available at all since the last security update was released by Adobe.


          Android recommends "Dolphin" or "Puffin" browser, either of which should work for playing Flash content, because they use "server side" rendering, which takes the load off of your Android device.