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    flashplayer creates a unstable enviroment on my computer?


      When I install "Flashplayer" my windows 8.1 64 bit becomes unstable, AOL will not work properly nor does Opera. When I uninstall it everything returns to normal. Is there am alternative to adobe flashplayer?

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          Mike M Level 6

          Opera shouldn't have any problem, but AOL...?
          I was an AOL tech for nearly two years back in the day when they were actually an ISP (2002-2003). I can tell you without question, you have NO NEED AT ALL of AOL software on your computer in 2013. There's nothing the software does, that can't be done at AOL.com and that means NOTHING. AOL mail, AIM chat, News, Sports, Shopping, Entertainment - EVERYTHING you find in the AOL browser is on their website, and you can reach it & use it faster and easier with  Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  AOL has a connection manager that can really mess with other connections, be they dialup, or broadband... and browsers too.

          My advice? Remove AOL completely, and use their website only. Odds are, that once it's gone, the Opera problems will go away.
          I have three Windows 8 machines. One is my laptop I use for work when I'm not at home. The other two are "test machines" I use for troubleshooting. I have IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari installed on all of them. Flash Player for IE, Chrome and the others all work without a hitch, but I watch what else I have installed. My experience here has shown that most of the time, there's another plugin or program that causes problems with Flash Player. Among those are: AOL, RealPlayer, XviD, and some ad-blockers. Some HP print suites use a Flash Interface and can cause problems too, but those are usually limited to the print interface.


          Uninstall the AOL, and post back here if you're still seeing issues afterward.