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    InDesign issues




      We just started using InDesign CS6 (program install, not cloud) a few months ago and it's an interesting venture. We've got a few issues that we cannot figure out how to remedy.


      First: We cannot figure out why if we have to force quit it, that we lose all our preferences. We have to reset everything from default to stroke align. We also lose are document and color presets. We've exported out presets as a safety so we don't have to reenter them over and over.


      Second: We have no idea how it got reset, but one on computer, when you resize the window of your document so you can see your desktop, it shrinks the document as well instead of just hiding some of it. Where can we turn off this feature or reset it somehow? It's very annoying.


      Any suggestions for either would be a great help. Thanks so much!



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Yoou never want to force quit if you don't absolutely have to, and if you do, there may be other problems that need to be addressed.


          ID writes the prefs file when it quites, so if you haven't closed ID properly after setting the prefs, they never were saved. If they were saved, and you still lose them on force quit, well, that may be part of the other problem that causes you to need to force quit.


          On the machine where the doc resizes with the window you've probably set the view to fit spread.

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            HRTeam Level 1

            Hello Peter,


            We only force quit when the program locks up for more than 10 minutes. We always shut it down properly. How would we save our preferences? We've set up workspaces, but that only keeps a few settings and libraries.


            As for the view, it's like it's stuck on Entire Pasteboard, but we have it set on Fit Spread in Window or Actual Size.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I set prefs with no files open (so they become defaults), then close ID to write them out to the user profile. I also make a copy of them in a known clean state in case I need to replace them. You can read about what to back up and where to find in Replace Your Preferences


              Perhaps the machine with the odd view has corrupt prefs. Have you tried replacing them?


              How often does ID hang like this? I see from the tags that you are running CS6. Are you patched to 8.0.2?


              Are you running Macs? If you are, see Adobe Forums: InDesign CS5.5 Not Responding for instructions to try to gather some logs that may help identify the cuase of the hang next time it happens.

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                HRTeam Level 1

                That's what we've done, set the prefs with no files open. We'll look into the Replace Your Preferences. Thanks


                We haven't tried replacing the prefs on the other machine. We'll try that and see if it resets itself.


                I'm not sure if we're patched to 8.0.2. My InDesign hangs up once a week, it seems. Some of the others, InDesign will crash once or twice back to back every few weeks. We shutdown our computers at the end of the week. We are running Mac 10.8.5.




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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Any third-party plugins? Font Manager? Other background utilities?


                  A problem every two weeks is a huge number. ID should not hang or crash unless there's a problem in a document (bad font, or bad graphic, for example) unless there's something else going on.


                  It's possible this is a font issue, but it sounds more like something else.

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                    HRTeam Level 1

                    Figured out the window issue on the other Mac. We had to change the View > Displayer Performance to Typical Display instead of High Quality Display, so that's fixed Thanks for the suggestions.

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                      HRTeam Level 1

                      No third party plugins. We try to vere away from those as much as possible. It may very well be a corrupt page or font issue. We have the same font library on all machines, but some will recognize one font the way it should be and another will break it down into various font families. We've been researching this for a while.