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    After Effects & Adobe Media Encoder Rendering Issue




      First of all,  just to give a background, I am running Windows 8 and Adobe After Effects CC. We had purchased the computer 2 weeks ago and I was working on a video and everything was fine in After Effects. I then went to render it using Adobe Media Encoder to get the H.264 file type that AE CC doesn't have anymore. AME rendered the first time but I had to make more changes. I went to render it a second time and AME crashed and my computer blue screened. Now when I go to Add compsition to media encoder the program shows the splash screen but then it crashes every time. So after some research I found that there were output settings that you can check to allow AE to render H.264. I rendered my video the first time and it worked fine. I had some mismatched audio so I had to make some changes to it again. I went to render it a second time this morning and I got an error message that said " After Effects Error: Rendering error while writing file...unable to delete existing file." This also crashed and blue screened my computer, now it won't let me render at all in either program. Are there any fixes to this problem?


      Thank You!