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    Custom PDF JobOption unstable

    Sigurdur Armannsson Level 2

      I am working with a group of professionals on a custom Job Option for PDF making for RGB workflow.

      The first version was made in 2009 and now we are updating some of the settings. We want to get rid of a problem that only occurs in InDesign ( it started in version 5 or 5.5 we believe) but not in Illustrator and Photoshop. This happens on Macs but I have no information about Windows, if it behaves like this. All Mac OsX from 10.6 to 10.9.


      The Job Option is set to use Output: Profile Inclusion Policy:  Include All RGB and Tagged Source CMYK Profiles but very often changes over to Output: Profile Inclusion Policy: All Profiles which causes CMYK colours like K 100 to be split into multiple CMYK values.


      As I said, this never happens to Illustrator or Photoshop. They respect the settings.



      Typical senario:


      An InDesign file has been used to make a PDF. The user does not check if the setting has changed and there is no (Modified) in the name of the Job Option. PDF is processed with Outout: Colour Conversion: All Profiles (wrong).


      Another user opens this file to make a PDF. He is using the Job Option which should say Include All RGB... but instead it shows now All Profiles. He changes over to Include All RGB... and gets (Modified) added to the name of the Job Option. Saves the InDesign file.


      The ID file is opened yet again and one can choose between the Job Option (modified) or Job Option. Job Option (modified) is now correct but the original Job Option has All Profiles on.


      Now let's restart InDesign. Open the file and export a pdf again. In the Export Adobe PDF Job Option (modified) is selected and has Include All RGB... on. Switching over to the original Job Option, it's still with All Profiles ... but not with (modified). Just like one has changed it and saved. Using the same in Illustrator has Include All RGB... so it is obvious that the Job Option has not changed itself, but InDesign is doing something wrong here.


      I wonder if anyone has had similar problems with custom Job Options or can imagine why this is happening.

      Cache something?

      Maybe related to InDesign remembering the name of the last PDF made?


      Job Option settings used:

      Compatability: PDF 1.7 (old one used 1.6)

      Compression: zip 318/500 (old one used 318/450

      Marks and Bleeds: Crop Marks

      Output: No Colour Conversion, Destination N/A, Profile Inclusion Policy: Include All RGB and Tagged Source CMYK Profiles