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    Generate CHM output from webhelp


      I am using Robohelp 10. I have to create a CHM file and have started using the option to create one from webhelp so that I can use a customised skin.  When I generate the file I get a grey bar appearing on the left hand side of the screen:

      chm with bar.jpg

      I am keen to have the navigation bar at the top with the back, forward  and print buttons but if they are included it insists on this odd grey area on the left.  Clicking on hide shuts it down and then it is fine but the end user has to do that themselves.  How do I get it to build with it automatically hidden like this:

      chm without bar.jpg


      These are my window settings - if take the tick out of TOC & Index the grey box goes but then so do the buttons.  Oddly the Window is HTML - if I create a webhelp window I cannot pick it up in the Generate CHM output from webhelp option.  Any ideas would be very gratefully received - I have 3 finished projects all ready to go apart from this!


      window options.jpg



      Next day update - by reading other postings I decided the best thing to do would be to add back and print buttons to my skin.  Stretched my techical knowledge but worked brilliantly so I can generate it without the pane and still get the buttons I wanted. Phew!