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    how to check size of an image


      I'm often sent what I'm told by professionals are "high res." , "print ready" images- which I would assume are at least 300 dpi CMYK images, but when I check size (image>image size> PS CS6  dialog box tells me these are 72 dpi images. I'm fairly certain the error lies with me rather than with the professional photographersdesigners that send the images.

      I'm currently working with an image that says its 1.9M (when I hit info)

      Then when I pull the .jpg into PS CS6 and go image>Image size> I see this dialogue box:


      This happens to me over and over and I have no idea if these are print ready 300 dpi images or not as the size indicates it should be fine by the 72 pix./inch on this dialogue box makes me nervous.

      Also, the images always are in RGB, rather than CMYK


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          Curt Y Level 7

          How are you getting images?  Understand the web always sends 72 ppi RGB image.


          Check to make sure you really need CYMK as many printers now do RGB.

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            helpDD Level 1

            I generally get he images from drop box, email or given to me on a thumb drive. I'm not really worried about the RGB facor as anything that comes via web or a camera shoots in RGB, just added that tidbit in case it factored into the answer.

            I do understand that dpi is direclty related to image size (here is a great article that was super helpful to my understanding this, just in case anyone else is looking)



            My, newly revised, understanding is that I'll always have to uncheck resample image, constrain w and h and change to 300 dpi and that will tell me the largest file size that I can have at that resolution.