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    xml import of library assets


      We have a document that we have built that imports the text and images to an Indesign template using a xml form we have built, which works great.


      We now have to add corner flashes, I know we have to amend the xml accordingly, which is fine, but I have a library file (.indl) that has the many corner flashes which I would like to use. Is there a way to use the xml to place the different flashes into the file straight from the library. They are not picture files but text boxes with a gradient corner flash behind.


      The reason they are not picture files as the gradient is used throughout the document not only on these corner flashes. The document has a gradient swatch that is one edit to change all occurences of it regardless of the colour they appear in the exsiting library. It changes each issue is the reason we did this.


      The xml is input to a web based form we built, which based on the documents structure so outputs the xml data when finished.


      This is a complicated one so any help would be much appreciated.