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    InDesign will not run: Do not have sufficient permissions

    hippyman Level 1

      Just installed InDesign CC and this is the second CC app I've had trouble getting to run (Dreamweaver being the other one).


      When I try launching, I get an error: "Unable to Launch Adobe InDesign as you do not have sufficient permissions to access the preference folders. Ensure...blah, blah"


      I'm using a Mac with Mavericks (latest current version) and the latest InDesign (updated this moning).


      I read than font names with special characters can cause this problem. I found one and deleted it. No change. Also ran the disc utility to repair permissions. No Adobe permission errors came up and I still get the same message.


      There is no Crash report pop-up, so I don't know where to find that - if there is one.


      I have no idea what to do now. Help!