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    Binding DataGridColumn to an XML attribute

    MonsonHaefel Level 1
      I'm accessing an XML document using HTTPService. I've bound the last result to a DataGrid and the DataGridColumn to the text value of an <a> attribute with no problem. Now I want to bind to an attribute in the same elemenet (i.e. href), but I can't figure out the syntax to be used in the dataField property. Here is the XML i'm accessing

      <span><a class="Customer" href=" http://localhost:8080/nfjs/customer?id=103" >Atelier graphique</a> <br/></span>
      <span><a class="Customer" href=" http://localhost:8080/nfjs/customer?id=112" >Signal Gift Stores</a> <br/></span>

      I can get the value of the <a> attribute into the first column but I want to put the href attribute value into the second column. How should I set the dataField property. I've tried dataField="a.href", dataField="a/href", dataField="a@href", dataField="a/@href" with no success. Is it possible to specify an XML attribute from the dataField property?