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    After Effects Render Farm

    psurace99 Level 1

      Hey there everyone,


      So, years ago I had a friend that got the AE Render farm working at our studio on Macs.  I am however now working alone and have 3 machines I'd like to get this running on.


      Does anyone have a solution for a good tutorial on this?  I am running Adobe CC and have 3 PC's.  I understand the concept as I have a render farm setup for 3D applications but that seems to be easier than for AE.  You basically use 3rd party software to "render" the file across the network.


      I know I need a local server watch folder on a mapped netowrk drive, which I have.  But, a step by step instruction manual would be best.  Especially now that there is no "Disc" to install the render engine from!


      Thanks In Advance!