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    Camera raw crop tool Issue (raw files become unreadable)


      If I open a raw file through Camera Raw from Bridge (cmd + r) and then apply a crop to the image with the crop tool, saving the file and returning to the bridge, the file becomes unreadable and the thumbnail preview disappears from Bridge. Then, If I try to open the file again from camera raw (cmd + r) the file will not open, but it only opens by double-clicking, I mean through photoshop. If I remove the crop made before here and re-save settings by updating the xmp file, the file can be opened again back to Camera Raw from bridge (along with his thumbnail preview).

      Exactly the opposite happens if I  crop by opening the raw through photoshop, that is photoshop can not open the raw file but from bridge camera raw  (cmd + r) I can.


      Anyone had this issue?

      My setup: Adobe Photoshop and Bridge CC updated

      Raw files CR2 from canon 5D Mark III and Canon 7D


      Thanks for your support