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    Problem Finalizing Project

    moishe64 Level 1

      I am having a difficult time finalizing a project for easy viewing.  It is not overly complex, just a series of slides for the most part.  On Chrome the playback is perfect.  On iOS (7) Chrome the playback works but there seems to be a hiccup right before the timeline hits each particular stopping poing - so it freezes.  On my desktop Safari (6.0.5) the hiccup still happens, but then the entire playback freezes. 


      I've gone back through the project several times removing any extra keyframes and ensuring that the frames line up with the stop points on the timeline.  There is no reason I can think of for these problems and I am many hours in at this point.


      Any help would be much appreciated.  The online project is posted at:




      I have made the project zip file available at:




      I'd appreciate any help.  I am many hours into this and really stuck trying to make this work.





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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Mark-


          Okay, so I don't see a hitch anywhere - where precisely are you seeing this problem?



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            moishe64 Level 1

            Thanks Elaine -


            I still can't explain the hiccup.  We have, however, finally identified the "freezing" of the animation.  A transparent part of a text layer was getting in front of a button causing the button to fail.  This appears to have been browser and system dependent - causing Safari on Mac to fail, Chrome on Mac to function and Chrome on PC to fail. 


            The hitch happens on Safari on almost every movement of the timeline - it seems to cause a temporary stop just before the actual stop - then it seems to click into place.  I've looked and every keyframe is lined up so there should be nothing on the timeline causing this.  No hitch is evident on IE, Chrome or Firefox. 


            Have you seen this before?