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    Find and replace hidden character strings

    jetman88 Level 1

      I just merged an InDesign CS6 (version 8.0.1) document with a fairly large data file. I have a lot of empty fields and so I get lines that look something like this: Telecom: , ,


      When I copy and paste that line in the "Find" field to do a find and replace, what I see is this: Telecom: ^|^|, ^|^|, ^|^|^p. Clearly the ^|^| string of characters is appearing in each of three places where the data field was empty. Obviously, I want to do a find and replace to get rid of all such occurences of this line.


      However, when I hit the Find button, it comes back with 0 results, even though I can plainly see there are hundreds of lines like this in my document.


      Can you help?


      Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 5.42.54 PM.png