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    How to disable sessions in CS6?


      InDesign Server CS6 added a mechanic of multi-threading jobs via sessions.

      Now you can begin session and end session via SOAP web service call.


      However, the sessions add a huge overhead for those who want to use multi-instance instead of multi-threading.


      A webservice call without a session ID is always ~500ms slower while it creates a session in the background. The session is then appears to be used on a ~5 second sliding timeout allowing subsequent calls to be 500ms faster, however if you wait around 10 seconds, the next call recreates the session and increases render time by ~500ms again.


      This is a major issue when rendering takes on average of 1000ms. That's a 50% longer execution time. This is a major problem when trying to offer a speedy web application built on top of IDS.


      I tried creating sessions and keeping the IDs in memory, but they expire and result in a whole bunch of SOAP errors.


      My question is: Is it possible to disable sessions in IDS CS6 or remove the session expiration time completely?