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    Character Direction Override

    KenWK Level 1

      Windows 7, InD CS6.


      We're getting a "character direction: left-to-right" override when importing Word 2003 files. I understand that there's a bunch of B.S. that comes with importing the Word files, what I'm wondering about is fixing this particular thing in InD. Oh, we're also getting an "underline color: black" override, more on that in a moment.


      From what I've found on line it seems that unless you have the ME version of InD there is no way to select the "character direction" anywhere, in the find dialog or otherwise, to be able to fix this. True?


      So I scripted this (VBA):

          Set InD = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS6")
          Set IDoc = InD.ActiveDocument    InD.FindTextPreferences = idNothingEnum.idNothing
          InD.FindChangeTextOptions = idNothingEnum.idNothing
          InD.FindTextPreferences.CharacterDirection = idCharacterDirectionOptions.idLeftToRightDirection
          InD.ChangeTextPreferences.CharacterDirection = idCharacterDirectionOptions.idDefaultDirection


      However, when the above is run it doesn't only remove the character direction override but ALSO the underline color override. Why would that be?


      Some of the text affected by the overrides has superscript in it as well, which, thus far, has been seems to stay. However, I'm concerned that there might be some local formatting that's going to get removed like the underlnie color is getting removed.