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    How to make this forum better?

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

      Hi friends


      I have the ability to create an announcement inside this forum. So I'm thinking about this possibility. I'm following this forum for about a time just to be sure it's free of spammers (and also for learning each time more about scripts and participating when having time).


      I'd like your opinion....


      What do you think about creating an announcement called "Read it before posting your questions here". The body of the announcement should tell the users links from where are the manuals of Illustrator Scripting and the JavaScripts Tools Guide. This could help people find useful informations of Illustrator scripting and know more about it. Do you think it would be useful?


      Also, do you think some times...is there some users who ask questions, but, at true their objectives is to make the specialists here to create an entire code for them?? ...like..."Hey, I want to create a snow ball in Illustrator. How could I do via script?"


      If you perceive there are such users, do you think would be good to include in the announcement a paragraph to warn about this?? So, this would alert this forum is a place essentially for "help"?


      Can you share your inputs about this subject, on how I could create a good announcement to help new users to use it better?


      Thank you very much


      Best Regards



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