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    Vector graphics, rasterizing and puppet pins

    lornaimw Level 1

      See photos below, look at the feet!


      Whenever I use the continuously rasterise option I always run into problems. This may be my workflow but I will often find that layers seem to jump around, get broken up almost like digital break up on a TV, or get random lines and cracks. My problem at the moment is random lines.


      I have three compositions, two pre comps and one main. The first precomp contains 1 vector layer, with the rasterise switch set. The pre comp holding that comp then has the rasterise switch set as well as an fx switch as Im using duIK tools on the first precomped layer. This layer/second precomp has a puppet pin if that makes any difference to anyone. In this second precomp, I can see wierd out lines over my shape, that are identical to the shape, almost like the 1st precomp is showing through for some reason as a transparent 1pt outline?!


      I can move the shape around and this odd outline stays in the same place but slices through my shape as I move it, so in theory I can move my shape to the other side of the composition and I have no problem... but this doesn't really solve the issue. My final bigger comp containing to two aforementioned comps also has the same issue as the 2nd comp.. but this is the structure I need so I had to test it.


      Currently my layers are all 2d, but I may turn them 3d later on and run into more jumpy weird rasterising issues..... When I change the rasterise or fx switches the lines will go, but I need the rasterise option (even though right now I can't even tell if it's effective, but I also need the fx as that holds my initial puppet pin for the duIK tools)


      What am I doing wrong? Please help!


      Pic 1 and 2, bot moved around with outlines visible on feet, pic 3 has been moved far enough away from the precomps original position so shows no lines. These do come out on a render.