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    ID CS6 Windows: weird bug. Objects vanishing

    Ivan O'Brien Level 1

      All my users have Windows 8.1, InDesign CS6 (8.0.2).

      One user has a problem which has occurred on several documents, as follows:

      1. The document is just fine on her computer

      2. On everybody else's, some objects (it's a book cover -- all the elements on the back) are not visible. You can't see the frame outlines, and you can't see the content, but when the mouse hovers over them they are highlighted and can be selected and edited -- you just can't see or print them!

      At some zoom levels (very small) they reappear, and sometimes you get a glimpse of them, but they vanish again when clicked on.


      I have tried saving to IDML and get exactly the same behaviour.

      The objects include text frames and simple boxes.


      Does anybody have any idea what is going on here?




      Ivan (happy to throw an IDML file at someone who knows what they are looking at!)