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    Goto Top of Movie

      I have a button at the bottom of my movie that goes to a different frame. The button is approximately 800 pixels down. When I click on it, the movie jumps to the correct frame, but the html page displays at the area I've scrolled to y=800 (800 pixels down). Is there anyway to tell the movie to goto the frame and have the html page on x=0 and y=0
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Generally you have kind of two things going on here: Flash and HTML. The scrolling you are talking about is scrolling of the html document, right? Flash can't control HTML things by itself. To do that you will have to write some javascript function on the page and have Flash call it.

          This is something I don't know how to do. But that is what will have to happen.

          However, there is a bigger issue – if you don't mind. Well even if you do…this is a free forum and you get what you pay for!

          If you are making a flash document that is so big that it needs to scroll within the html page that is generally considered "bad" design. It is very likely to confuse users – as you are finding out with your question here. It would probably be better to make the Flash file a smaller size – like maybe 400 or 500 high and use a Flash build scrolling mechanism to control the vertical (WE will control the horizontal and the audio – whoops that is the Outer Limits, isn't it?)

          Which ever way you decide to go you should have a few starting points. Good luck on that.
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            SDALW Level 1
            True - I agree with the size of the Movie. Problem is - this is a movie with an embedded .flv. The video is 640 x 480 - there is a navigation bar at the top that is 100 pixels. And - the bottom of the video is a button to go to the main navigation page. If the user clicks the button at the bottom of the video when they are done. The html focus stays on the same area. I'd like for the focus to be at the top of the page - so the entire navigation page can be viewed. As it is - they have to scroll up to the top. Is there anyway to put a focus on the top nav bar - so whenever the user clicks - the page automatically displays top down. Not from the place they clicked?