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    Everything turns black when I drag text box

    Fritz Hansen Level 1

      Typically when I drag an object, such as a text frame, I can either select and drag immediately and just see the outline of the frame moving, or select and hold for a second to see the contents of the frame move as I drag. In a current project, I have a transparent object on the page, and when I select and hold in order to see the contents of the text frame move as I drag, the entire text frame turns black, and a second later the transparent object also turns black, and I can't see the text move as I drag. In ID 5.5 a similar thing occurred, but the text frame turns gray, with the text still clearly visible when I drag. Is there a way in ID CC to prevent the items from going completely black when you drag them in situations where there's an underlying transparent object?



      InDesign CC (9.1)

      27-inch iMac

      OS X 10.8.5